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See what is going on around you by stories around.


Get in touch with the social spots and get their menu and offers.


Get to know new people while travelling and visiting social spots.

Meet New People

SneakApp shows you people around you so you can interact, meet and get in touch with the people while travelling and in social spot.

You can get in touch with the people you meet now very easily by just clicking. People around you shows the people around you in order of their distance with you, so you first see the people who are nearest. You can wave to the people and follow them for their updates and stories.
This system helps to connect so you feel more close to your society.


Get connected with the social spots by the new Spot System developed for the app.

You can now get menu easily by just walking in the spot, without asking counter or standing in a queue or scanning some QR code. You just simply walking in and it will show you menu from which you can order the food. All you need to do is click on menu button visible when you walk in a social spot.
You get updates about thr offers and discounts from the social spots around you on your notifications.


SneakApp provides easy access to privacy function in the edit profile section of the app where user's visibility can be easily changed by a switch and the person gets invisible for people around.

With a lot of social functions the app provides, and a lot of open social experience, privacy is important for the users to feel safe being a part of SneakApp community specially when they are visible to people around.


The Stories around you function provides you the information of your surroundings as a short update of what has happened nearby you recently. You can interact with the stories by uploading text or images. Stories around you connects you with your community by providing updates of what is going on and what people are doing. You can get to know about events that are going to happen around you.

About us

We create technologies that makes community more closer and lets the transformation of all information around accessible to everyone easily.

Spot system is one of the geo location technology developed and still being developed to connect the people with the various information sources and social places. Users in our community get notified from the social spots about the informations related to deals and offers. Users also can see which social spot has how many customers around so the users can meet other users and get to know others in the community. Users can post stories that other users in the community can see and get updated and aware of what is happening around. With a lot of open information comes privacy. SneakUp makes it clear we provide invisibility option as a button directly on the profile to make it easily accessible.

The Spot system is still being developed and will have a lot of innovations in the coming time. The integration of AI and improvement in GPS technology in future will improve a lot of things in the App and provide users great experience of their surroundings. The coming versions of the app will use machine learning for better security, user experience and connecting community.


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Akash Gaur
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